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 Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School 

At Our Lady of Fatima School, Catholic families are given priority for enrolment, however we also welcome people of all faiths, and beliefs. You do not have to be Catholic to enrol at Fatima, though we encourage you to participate in the faith life of our school which has the teachings of Jesus Christ at its core.  

Families moving into the area looking to enrol students in years 1 – 6 are encouraged to phone, enquire through our website and where possible arrange to visit the school for a tour. Enrolments are accepted throughout the year where class sizes permit.


Enrolment for Preps: 
Enrolment forms are available on the website and from the school office. If your child is turning 5 by April 30th in the year of enrolment then you are eligible to enrol. Parent/carers are asked to submit an application for enrolment form complete with required paperwork in the year prior to starting school. O
nce a completed enrolment application has been lodged you will receive a letter of acknowledgement and later an acceptance letter. We have a Transition to Prep Program to get to know you and your child/ren and for you to get to know us. This includes:

  • Prep Interviews in Term 3

  • Prep Information Evening Term 4

  • Transition Program Term 4

The dates are confirmed and shared in Semester 2.

School Tours

You are most welcome to come and visit us and have tour the school, we love to welcome new families. Please contact the office on (03) 5950 0400 or complete the book a tour link on our website (scroll down).  

Enrolment Application Form

Why Choose Our Lady of Fatima? 

Proudly a small school, with big hearts and huge learning opportunies!


A Catholic Education Suitable for Students of All Denominations & Beliefs

Your child does not have to be from a Catholic family to enrol at Our Lady of Fatima. We have a large number of students from non-Catholic backgrounds, and we value the uniqueness and individuality of our students and families and the contribution they make to our school community. Catholic education is relevant to students of all religions and beliefs as it provides a set of principles that support the development of students’ academic, social and emotional lives. These principles play an important role in supporting students’ academic achievement, by focussing on their overall happiness and wellbeing as key determinants of their academic success.

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An Effective Small Community School Learning Environment

Our Lady of Fatima provides a holistic education as a foundation for the full development of each student – intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. The school environment is welcoming, inclusive, and focused on respect for self and others. We offer a favourable teaching and learning environment through the provision of a genuine, safe and caring experience for students and families. Students are encouraged to value diversity, develop a sense of social justice and become valued, contributing members of society.

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A Teaching Program Focused on Engagement

Our teaching program is designed to engage students to drive their learning based on their own needs and preferences. A big part of this is listening to our students, understanding their needs, and helping them to make the right choices about their learning and social development. Through our teaching program, students learn a set of strategies that they will use to create positive outcomes in the classroom and wider community, while building strong relationships with teachers and school leaders.

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Focused Teaching Through Smaller Class Sizes

As a small Catholic school, we aim to maintain smaller class sizes to promote the highest possible level of individual student and teacher engagement. Smaller class sizes play a big role in allowing our teaching staff to understand the needs of each student and work with them in such a way as to meet the needs of each individual student.

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A Dedicated Facility for Intervention & Extension Programs

Our Lady of Fatima has a centralised learning space called ‘The Hub’ where students from all year levels can participate in a range of intervention and extension programs for literacy and maths. The Hub provides a unique learning facility that meets the individual needs of students who need more help to meet their year level standard as well as those with a need to keep learning beyond their year level standard, while promoting a calm and focussed class environment. 

  • Intervention programs allow students to ‘catch-up’ to their current year level standard in maths and literacy; while 

  • Extension programs allow students who are high achievers in maths and literacy to progress beyond their year level as dictated by their own learning abilities. 

Designed to cater the individual learning and behavioural needs of students, ‘The Hub’ also offers a space that allows students to ‘take a break’ from the class environment and regulate their emotions and behaviour before returning to class. 

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A Modern Campus in Private and Quiet Location

Nestled into the hills behind Rosebud, in a quiet street off the main road, our school campus offers modern learning spaces, extensive play areas and sporting fields and a sense of privacy and security. The school location provides a central location for families in our catchment areas from Tootgarook, Capel Sound, Rosebud, Dromana and Safety Beach and up to St Andrews, Fingal, Boneo and Cape Schanck.

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Modern Learning Spaces Support a Wide Range of Individual Student Needs

Our learning spaces are designed to cater a wide range of learning needs, from students who like to be physically active, or those who like to learn in a social environment, to those who prefer a quiet space with minimal disruptions. The flexibility of our learning spaces means that the classroom is a calmer environment with less disruption – all of which makes for better learning.

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A Vibrant, Welcoming & Supportive Community

Catholic schools are more than places of learning. They are genuine communities where positive relationships are actively developed and strengthened by the shared beliefs and common goals associated with educating children. Our Lady of Fatima promotes a community of belonging and ‘being known’. Our students thrive in a community where they know they are listened to, and where staff go the extra mile to get to understand each student and their family at the individual level.

1 Private Ed
2 Effective Small
3 Teaching Program
6 Modern Campus
7 Modern Learning Spaces
8 Vibrant
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"I love my school because I have lots of friends to play footy with. Our school has lots of activities. Our school has great teachers."

Hudson,  student


Fatima Star Logo.png

"…we get to strengthen connections with new families and keep them connected…"

"…their commitment to and support for students’ learning, all students, including through remote learning…."

"…we have fantastic, genuine care, couldn’t be happier…"

Fee Structure

By enrolling at Our Lady of Fatima, parents/carers agree to pay School Fees comprised of:

  • Family Fee

  • Student Levy

State and Commonwealth Government grants do not cover the whole cost of running Catholic schools. Each year we rely on a local contribution from parents/carers to help cover educational costs for each student. Family fees assist in meeting the day-to-day costs of operating the school and generally the school spends  significantly more in these areas than we collect in fees.

The Student Levy covers all costs associated with the compulsory curriculum. Careful budgeting takes place when setting the Student Levy and each child is accounted for, therefore if your child is unable to attend a particular event during the year it is not possible to have any amounts refunded. The Student Levy includes the cost of classroom materials for students on a daily basis and resources for all curriculum areas.



The children at Our Lady of Fatima are very proud of their school. 

Our Student Dress Code is designed to:


  • foster a sense of community and belonging while encouraging students to develop pride in their appearance

  • promote the feeling of equality amongst students while ensuring that they are dressed

  • safely and appropriately for school activities

  • provide a cost effective means of clothing your children during the school year; and

  • enhance the profile and identity of the school and its students within the wider community.


The dress code is applicable to all students and must be adhered to while travelling to and from school, while students are in school, and while students are participating in school activities outside of school hours.

All students are expected to wear the full school uniform at all times. We have both a summer and winter uniform, as well as a sports uniform. The school also has a well-stocked second hand uniform shop that sells all pieces for $3.00 each. All school uniform items are available through our preferred supplier: Beleza School Uniforms, Shop 5, 855 Nepean Highway, Rosebud.

Our students say...

Fatima Star Logo.png

"…Our Principal and teachers encourage us to do our best…it makes me want to do my best..."

"When I arrive everyone is enthusiastic…everyone is welcoming…"

"I feel safe… I feel respected…"

Year 1-6 Transition

School transition is a process of movement or change that takes place from one school year to the next. This change could include changes in the physical surroundings, friendships, relationships, expectations and routines.

We believe that by providing support and clear processes for all students as they move through their educational journey, that they can be ready and confident to move into their next learning space. For some students, family and teachers, transition may present a number of challenges. At OLOF we design transition programs on a needs basis and schedule a series of transition days in Term 4 that allow all students in Prep - Year 5 the opportunity to engage in activities with their future peer groups. These transition sessions enable us to group students in different ways and in their future learning spaces so we can help them become familiar with each other and with the change process. In December, everyone is ready to attend the ‘Going up day’ where they meet their teachers and classmates for the following year. We aim to encourage smooth and effective transition for all students by:

  • Providing supported students with a clear social story about their move to another level

  • Utilising Hub staff to support teachers as they plan, monitor and assess student progress and continue to develop educational plans

  • Consider personal, social and learning transition needs of supported students

  • display flexibility in timelines to accommodate all students

  • provide additional transition mornings for all new students to Fatima enrolling from other schools


At Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School, every day is an open day. To book a tour of the school or to request further information, please fill in the form below:

Thank you for contacting Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School. We will be in touch shortly.

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 Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School 

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