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Dear Parents, Guardians and Families.

I am delighted to welcome you to Our Lady of Fatima, a small private Catholic Primary School dedicated to providing a high quality and holistic

education in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment.

Through our staff, location and physical resources, we believe that we offer a unique primary school program where students can excel

academically and socially while establishing an important foundation for secondary school years and beyond.

With an extensive campus, Our Lady of Fatima offers modern, purpose built learning spaces with extensive playgrounds and sporting fields,

located on a quiet street frontage that provides a sense of privacy and security for our students and families.

With a rigorous teaching program, our staff hold a common vision of academic success for all students, where teaching capabilities and

relationships are nurtured to support students’ academic results, spiritual development and wellbeing.

With a focus on building the highest possible level of care and trust between students, teachers and parents, we place ‘learning’ at the

centre of every day’s activities, while ensuring that a strong sense of community and friendship is maintained.

Through our mantra of: dream, believe, achieve, we establish in our students a strong sense of the importance of goal setting and hard

work in order for students to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.

I have worked in Catholic education for nearly 30 years. I am also the parent of a young teenager, and I understand the journey that families

take through the primary years. It’s a rewarding journey that you and your family should be able to look forward to as a happy and successful

partnership with the school.

Whether you choose Our Lady of Fatima for the standard of teaching; its dedicated staff; campus resources or location, I genuinely believe

that we can offer your child an environment where they will be happy, and able to achieve at their highest possible level.

I look forward to welcoming you into our Our Lady of Fatima School Community and sharing your child's educational journey with you.

Warm regards,

Patrika Rowley,


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The Hub
Engaging and Innovative and Catering for Students' Learning Needs

The Hub is a centrally located resource centre, which includes five zones delivering a range of intervention and extension programs designed to cater for students’ learning needs.


In the hub you will see a variety of equipment and a range of furniture and configurations to suit many different teaching situations.   You will see pedal desks, foot and hand cycles, bouncy bands, a sensory wall, fiddle toys, rocking boards, earth balls, large cushions, puzzles, themed kits, timers and more.


The Take a Break room is available for students with anxiety or ASD who need short breaks from the classroom.  In this space they can take a short break from the sensory over stimulation which can occur even in very well managed classes.  The students are greeted on arrival, sign in, set the timer and are able to use the space to reset and self regulate their heightened emotion before returning to class.  The Take a Break space has a large proprioceptive beanbag, chairs with bouncy bands, pedal cycles, an array of calming fiddle toys, thera-putty, sand tray, books and more.  An adjacent space has a sensory wall, soft padded fall mats, wedges and a punching bag to assist students exert physical pressure, then to calm and refocus in readiness to return to class.  


One of the zones has been designed to foster social emotional learning through a structured program of games and fun play for those who have difficulty reading social cues, using social language and understanding give and take of play such as the practice of turn taking, sharing and compromise.


The Hub also offers extension classes in Mathematics and Literacy meeting the needs of these high achievers.  This zone has access to an interactive screen plus a large projection screen along with audio- visual and ICT resources which are used for Coding, Visual Literacy and more.


The Hub is staffed every day.   Students may arrive with a hub pass from the classroom teacher, be accompanied by support staff or arrive with their group or class teacher for a scheduled lesson.

The Hub has become a real asset in our school, highly valued by staff and students alike.

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 Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School 

We thank you for considering Our Lady of Fatima as an educational setting for your child and for you as a family. All enquiries regarding enrolments are welcome. Please contact the school office on 

03 5950 0400 for a school tour or an appointment with the school principal, Mrs. Patrika Rowley.  

We take enrolment applications at anytime, and particularly encourage you to apply early in the year before your child is due to start school. Applications are usually required by the end of Term One (late March, early April) in the year prior to commencement.

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 Our Lady of Fatima Parish Primary School 

Address: 16 Hinton Street, Rosebud, 3939

Phone: 03 5950 0400

Fax: 03 5950 0499

Principal: Mrs. Patrika Rowley



Deputy Principal: Mr. Darren Perry


Office Hours: 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM


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